A non-profit organization aimed at strengthening families, empowering people, and encouraging communities in Guyana

Annual Feeding Programme

GUYFUSE's annual feeding programme was featured on DTV8, view this video for information!

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Our Founder

Indira Yacoob is the founder and Chief Executive Officer for G.U.Y.F.U.S.E.  She formed the non-profit in 2009 and has since spearheaded over 35 community projects aimed towards development, cultural awareness, health, and education.  Indira is passionate about culture and performance and enjoys directing and performing in skits based on historical fiction, among other genres.  She is also passionate about health and is determined to educate on dieting, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and many other topics through partnerships with other organizations, such as the Peace Corps, to deliver health programs by trained professionals.  These programs greatly assist women and teenagers, especially when living in communities where good medical assistance is an expensive and rare commodity.  Indira is focused on helping all members of the family, leaving no one out.  This includes men, women, children, teenagers, the disabled, the less fortunate, regardless of race or religion.  With her leadership, we continue to grow and unite as Guyanese in service and education, strengthening families, empowering people, and encouraging communities.

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